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Video Webcasting & Streaming

Video is the easiest media to digest and the most compelling. Just look at how many people now get their news from the TV and internet versus reading a newspaper. Thanks to high speed broadband connections and interoperable technologies, use of video on the web is becoming very popular to communicate, educate and entertain. Video is no longer for big business with big budgets. Small business can use video to actually save money over traditional content delivery means. Older media assets can be made new with video.  

                          Sony professional digital video cameraThe uses for video are as many as there are ideas. Medical and dental professions can use video for patient education either on the web or in their waiting rooms. Manufacturers can produce assembly/installation & maintenance instructions for their products. Trade groups can use video to communicate with their membership through their web portals.

Video is also cost effective. Consider all the costs to produce a full color print newsletter and mail to 1,000 recipients. Add up staff and/or freelance hours and costs to write the content, layout, printing, binding, envelopes and postage costs.  

For less than you'd expect, Tele-Client can produce a standard definition (SD) 5-7 minute web ready video you can add to your website. Our tools include a two man crew with a 3 CCD professional digital camcorder, lighting, wireless/wired mics for a professional look and sound. Add RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to your web site to let visitors know you have posted new content. You'll also contribute to your "green" initiative saving natural resources. Consider the paper, ink and fuel it costs to deliver your newsletter. Then there's the waste paper. Not only is video more compelling than print, but video is very eco-friendly!

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Our web videos are most often produced in Adobe Flash. Flash video can be played back by over 98% of all web browsers. Flash can also be served from a standard web server or from a Flash streaming server to protect your content. Web videos are usually sized  320 x 240 pixels and can include any user controls that you desire such as pause, scroll fwd/back, volume and mute. A DVD is also available to you to archive and catalog your video assets.


Video repeaters are also available for anywhere you need your video seen and repeated. Healthcare settings, trade shows, retail, kiosks, banking, hair salons, schools,Tele-Client Digital Video Repeater hotel/motel, mass transit and food service are just some applications.

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