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iCOMPEL WDS Wearable Digital Signage Player for EDS or MSM

Quick Facts

  • Engage customers with videos played on this 2.4" LCD player.
  • Use with iCOMPEL™ EDS to globally manage content for this and other WDS players.
  • A must-have for event, trade show, and PoS/PoP marketing.

  • Further Details
  • Includes access to Web site for uploading media and creating content.
  • Content can be text and JPG images in a slideshow or full-motion video.
  • Easy to add scrolling text, your logo, branding, and special effects.
  • Comes with lanyard and magnetic clip for wearing.
  • Features 256 MB built-in flash memory.
  • Average playback time of 12–15 hours.
  • Order WDS-M for every person on your team.

    Digital signage just got a whole lot more personal.

    Delivering personalized video messages through a player that you wear, iCOMPEL WDS enables you to create colorful, eye-catching nametag-size screens that take your B2B or B2C marketing to the next level.

    Digital signage content can range from simple text and JPG images in a slideshow to full-motion video.

    Who the WDS-M version is for.
    The WDS-M featured here is for use with our iCOMPEL EDS for enterprise signage. This way, content for thousands of players worn by associates around the country or around the world can be managed and quickly updated—just what you need to ensure consistent and up-to-date messaging across your enterprise!

    What’s more, much of the same signage content and branding displayed on your full-size EDS signage can also be displayed on your miniature signs.

    In addition to a player, the WDS-M package gives you what’s needed to activate the MSM tool within the iCOMPEL EDS Manager software, to create wearable signage content and groups, and to manage that content remotely via a browser connection.

    Plus, you get the MSM Client tool (included on CD). It installs on your end user’s PC to establish an account and communications with the iCOMPEL EDS Manager. Once this is done, the end user just has to plug in the included USB cable between the PC and WDS-M player and click “OK” to upload the signage content. The player also accepts media from a Micro-SD card.

    Very easy to create content.
    With a few clicks of a mouse, you can have your graphics uploaded and WDS presentation ready to go in minutes. Adding video files and creating content is easy:
    • Just drag and drop your AVI, MPEG, or WMV files into the WDS interface.
    • The interface’s on-line tool converts the formats to the WDS viewing format.
    • Next, you add that converted file into your presentation.
    • Apply special effects, and add moving text and a JPG logo.
    • Your presentation is now ready to be uploaded to a player.

    Ideal for a number of applications.
    iCOMPEL WDS is ideal for:
    • In-store retail PoS/PoP promotions.
    • Convention expos and trade shows.
    • College fairs and youth-centric events.
    • Employee orientation and training.
    • Field sales representatives.
    • Hospitality concierge.
    • Restaurant wait staff.
    • Business greeters.
    • Tour personnel.
    • Anywhere you want to enhance one-on-one interaction with dynamic digital content.

    Other WDS options.
    We also offer a WDS version that works independent of the iCOMPEL EDS plafform. It’s for users who want only the wearable signage and have no desire to own or support the infrastructure for that signage. For information on this version, see our iCOMPEL WDS Wearable Digital Signage Player for (WDS-H).

    Plus, we offer an optional appliance for applications where:
    – You want to use new WDS signage with digital signage from another manufacturer.
    – You want to own and support your own hardware for your new WDS signage.
    – You prefer capital expenditures to operating expenditures for your new WDS signage.
    For details on this appliance, contact one of our Digital Signage Success Managers or our FREE Tech Support.

    What’s included:
    • (1) iCOMPEL WDS Player
    • An account to activate the MSM tool on the iCOMPEL EDS Manager
    • MSM Client tool on CD
    • Magnetic clip for fastening to clothing
    • Lanyard holder for both vertical and horizontal use
    • Mini-USB cable for updates and recharging player
    • AC charger (110–240 VAC, 5 VDC)
    Wearable Digital Signage Manual
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