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Overhead Broadcasting & Store-casting

Happy woman shopping with packages in handBlending effective messages with background music and broadcasting over an in-store PA system provides retailers with another powerful marketing tool. With over 75% of purchase decisions being made in the store and with the buyer's payment in hand, store-casting has become an important tool in the marketer's toolbox. 

Public places such as airports, rail stations and shopping malls can all benefit from the audio medium. When there's a need to communicate quickly and with ever changing information store-casting is ideal.

Multi dwelling communities can use this medium to keep residents informed of up coming community events.

Trade show coordinators can use this medium as an additional revenue stream to sell  exhibitors "air time" to help drive booth traffic.  

Whatever the application, Tele-Client can help you put all the pieces together. The heart of the system will be the message server. On the server, the messages will be stored and triggered for playback. You'll also need a background music source and of course, an audio or PA system.

Tele-Client USB drive overhead message repeaterMessage servers come in different load types depending on how you prefer to load your messages.

One type loads via a USB flash drive. Simply copy the messages onto the flash drive and insert the drive into the player.

Remote enabled StorecasterAnother type features the convenience of hands off operation. The unit receives the messages over the internet recorded in our studio. Messages can either be "pushed" from us to you, or with a simple command on the unit, awaiting messages can be "pulled" from our studio.

Most message servers feature a fade down feature from the background music source, plays the message, then fades music back in.

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