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Now more than ever, with pressure on consumers budgets, people are using the phone to shop for the products and services they need. Your telephone system is on the front line of customer interaction. How you handle their call is critical to whether the outcome of the call gives the consumer a positive or negative perception of your business. Perception is reality for the caller. Sound is the only sense callers can use to create an impression in their mind. That perception will also drive the decision to purchase. Therefore it is critical to ensure what a caller hears "paints" a positive picture. On hold marketing is a permanent form of advertising that helps achieve that goal.   

Custom On Hold Marketing...

Telephone On Hold ButtonTelephone on-hold marketing has been around almost as long as the hold button itself. On average, seventy percent of all business calls are placed on hold. Many studies have been done and continue today by advertising & marketing groups, call center associations and many others. The results only change slightly and conclude that nearly 90% of callers preferred learning more about the businesses they called while on hold. Twenty five percent of respondents made a purchase based on what they heard on hold. Sales lifts as high as 20% have been reported when custom on hold marketing is used.

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Without custom on-hold programming, sixty percent of callers exposed to silence tend to hang up after holding more than 30 seconds. Of those callers, only 30% attempt a call back, resulting in lost sales opportunities as well as the advertising investment it took to get the caller to call. Hold times were also evaluated. Callers exposed to on hold marketing held the line up to 10 times longer than those callers experiencing silence and nearly fifty percent longer than just music on hold.

Custom on-hold marketing also helps you avoid a potential long term liability in the form of copyright infringement. Did you know that it is illegal to have the radio playing as your hold music without a license? Same goes for using CD's or .mp3's you have purchased. Playing copyrighted works over the telephone network constitutes a re-broadcast and public performance and always requires licensing from performance rights organizations. Read this brief primer from the BBB regarding music in a business setting.   

Can it work for you?

Happy woman on telephoneOur clients tell us of their successes on a regular basis. That success has spurred our growth in this business mainly through referrals for the past 10 years. Our step by step script and production approval process coupled with a 30 day money back guarantee ensures your satisfaction. There is no other form of advertising that we know of that would offer such a guarantee. Not print, not radio, TV, internet or billboards. Ready to learn more? Click the link below or "Demo" on the upper left to see what we do.   

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