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Digital Playback Equipment

Tele-Client DP-600 single track digital player

Good  Our DP-600 is our most economical player. It features near CD quality all digital playback with no moving parts. Single track mono playback of standard .mp3 and .wma file types makes it a good choice for courtesy programming and "one & done" type clients. Updating is done via on board USB port. 128MB of flash memory gives you up to 4 hours recording time at 64Kbps. Built-in monitor, auto play resumption after power outage, 3 year warranty.  $129.95        Manual


Better  Our DP-700 provides CD quality playback of .mp3 type files. Stores up to 99 different on hold programs changeable via pushbutton on front panel. Hot swappable/upgradeable USB memory stick allows for simple message updating and up to 500 hours of audio. On board monitor, On/Off volume control and track display.  $199.95



Tele-Client DP-501 Internet downloadable digital playerBest  Our DP-501 is our internet enabled digital player. This unit is designed for clients that will update on a regular basis, have multiple locations and/or desire the convenience of hands off updating. New productions are loaded onto the unit directly from our studio immediately or scheduled to change at a time you choose, perhaps to tie-in to a marketing campaign. Volume control can also be adjusted remotely to ensure optimal playback level. Up to 18 hours of programming with optional 36 hours available.     $379.95


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Other Accessories

2 line on hold adapter for non-pbx systemsOn-Hold audio adapters are required on most 1- 4 line telephones. There are many adaptersOutboard hold button for singlr and dual line phones on the market and designed to work with many different brands and models of telephones. A single adapter will usually cover all the telephones in your office. Make and model compatibility is key for operation. Please call us with make/model of your particular phones. Priced from $35 - $299.00


15 in 1 memory card reader/writer

Memory card reader/writers. A must have accessory for the DP-400 player. Allows new onCompact Flash Type 1 memory card hold programming to be e-mailed to you. Makes updating a snap. Plug and play via USB allows Windows to recognize as an add on drive. Simply insert a formatted card into the reader/writer for file transfer. Swap out the card in the player and you're done.  

Price $49.95 and includes additional CF card


2 watt telephone on hold audio amplifier


Audio source pre-amplifier. May be needed with customer provided equipment such as CD players, iPods, mp3 units, obtain adequate volume level on MOH port. Accepts mono RCA input, hard wire connections to output to phone system. Screwdriver volume adjustment prevents accidental volume changes. Provides up to 2 watts. $99.95


Telephone on-hold line segregator to manage multiple players over one phone systemLine segregators are devices that can be used to place different on-hold programming on different incoming lines. This is a solution for multiple businesses served by a single phone system, sometime referred to as "tennanting". Segregators are also a solution for the business with several different business units. The segregator is placed between the CO lines and PBX. Audio ports are provided to accept the audio source. A system with MOH capability is required.

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