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Equipment and Message Bundles

We've put together some great deals for just about every budget. Our products are easy to self install saving you more. Of course, turn-key installation in the Capital Region is available. Our custom on-hold marketing features your choice of our in-house voice talent, all scriptwriting, production and background music choice. Multi-location discounts and program licensing are also available. 

Tele-Client DP-600 single track digital player

"Courtesy"--This bundle includes one track of generic courtesy messages featuring Chuck & Kelly. We have ten background music styles you can choose from. Ideal for SOHO applications or when you just want to reassure callers that they are connected and comply with copyright laws. Add a hold switch or adapter for standalone (non-PBX) phones without a MOH port. DP-600 digital player has 3 year warranty.

$139.95        Player Manual   

"Courtesy Plus"--This bundle includes our popular DP-700 multi track player. Ten tracks of our courtesy programming with licensed music are installed including a holiday music background selection. Choose your program by simply pressing the change button. Removable USB memory facilitates easy program upgrades from courtesy to custom.

$219.95        Player Manual



Tele-Client DP-600 single track digital player"One & Done"--Entry level custom programming bundle. This package is recommended for clients whose products or services rarely change. Includes our 4 element custom program, in-house talent of choice, scriptwriting, production and choice of licensed music installed on our DP-600 player.

$499.95        Player Manual


"Classic" Our DP-700 digital player is ideal for the client that will keep messages fresh periodically. Multiple track accommodation allows you to store up to 99 different programs. Changing the program is as simple as pressing the "select" button on the panel. Removable USB memory to change out programs fast and via e-mail. Our custom programming is included with your choice of our licensed background music. $599.95        Player Manual


Tele-Client DP-501 Internet Loadable Digital Player"Lil' Moneymaker"--Ideal for the client that needs to keep messages fresh or desires hands off updating and operation. Our internet enabled player allows Tele-Client to change programming direct from our studio as soon as it's ready or scheduled based on a date/time basis. Includes our 4 element custom program. Choose from many discounted update subscription levels. 3 year warranty.  

                                $779.95 Update subscriptions from $35 per month. (4X/yr)  Player Manual

Prices do not include taxes and shipping. Basic installation $95 within service area. Business hours 8-5pm EST.

 Snail mail & shipping: 3 Alvina Blvd. Albany, N.Y.  12203

Toll Free: 877-535-HOLD (4653) Telephone: 518-869-4455 Fax: 518-869-5225