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MediaFlyer EXPRESS


MediaFlyer EXPRESS Web-Configured Digital Signage Platform, 1-Year Subscription

Quick Facts

  • A combination hardware/hosted solution. Install the player at the screen and manage via MediaFlyer Web page.
  • No design software to load onto your system. All content control is from the browser-based portal interface.
  • Choose from four pre-defined screen layouts or make your own.
  • Further Details

  • No on-site configuration required—all content remains on the Web.
    Create playlists of media to show content at specific times.
    Boasts resolutions of 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz and 24-bit color.
    Offers seamless integration and operation with existing systems and processes.
    Easy to scale from one screen to many screens.
    Supports an API for customization and integration.
    Lightweight, compact player with low power consumption.
    VESA screen mountable.

    This Black Box solution from Tele-Client puts control of your digital signage content on a Web-based platform so you can manage it from any browser connection.

    The only hardware you need to install is the included MediaFlyer EXPRESS player, which connects your signage display to the network. And because the platform is browser based, you don’t have to install any design software on your PC.

    The lightweight MediaFlyer EXPRESS player:
    Link to as many digital signage screens as you like using any number of MediaFlyer EXPRESS players. Show the same content on all screens or different content on different screens.

    For video output, the player has both HDMI and VGA ports.

    It’s up to you whether to integrate it into your existing network or use it in a standalone setup. To connect the MediaFlyer EXPRESS player to the network, just attach a CATx cable to its Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port. Or you can link it wirelessly to your network via an 802.11 WLAN connection.

    What’s more, the compact box features low power consumption and can be attached discreetly to the back of the display using VESA standard mounting (a bracket is included).

    The MediaFlyer portal interface:
    Manage displays and content from wherever you are. Using a standard browser, you can define sources of images and other content, group them into playlists, and assign playlists or individual sources to your screen(s). A reporting function enables you to see exactly what content has been displayed and for how long on a particular screen—info that you can use to create summary or detailed playout reports.

    The MediaFlyer EXPRESS platform supports an array of dynamic content, including Flash animations, PDFs, PowerPoint® presentations, and MPEG and .wmv video, as well as HTML content and RSS feeds. It can be static content, such as photos, PDFs, PowerPoint® files, and HTML, or output on the fly, such as live images from a Web cam, Flash pages, weather, RSS feeds, and social media. You can also use it to capture Twitter messages or Flickr® photo books for playout on your signage.

    The MFLY-X01 comes with a 1-year subscription to the Web-based service. We also offer a 3-year package (MFLY-X03) as well as a 1-year subscription renewal (MFLY-X01RE) and a 3-year subscription renewal (MFLY-X03RE) for the service.

    Getting creative with MediaFlyer EXPRESS:
    Getting up and running with MediaFlyer EXPRESS is simple. Once you create an account at the MediaFlyer EXPRESS Web site, you just follow the steps to begin loading content and creating your signage layout.

    Choose from four predefined-zone layouts or create your own. After formatting a layout template, slides are created based on that template. These slides can be assigned to displays just like any other item of content, and you can put them in a playlist.

    Though transparent zones and text overlays aren’t possible (for these capabilities you’ll need our advanced iCOMPEL™ platform), the layout interface enables you to put several sources on the screen at once by dividing the display into two or more areas and creating a ticker or text crawl in a zone. A color selection box enables you to choose a color for your selected text.

    The MediaFlyer EXPRESS also offers less image scaling flexibility than the iCOMPEL platform, but you can expand or contract an image until it fits within the pixels available. Or you can expand and crop to fit the screen or scale it horizontally and vertically so the image fills the screen in both directions.

    For most MediaFlyer EXPRESS users, the portal is sufficient for controlling digital signage. But the MediaFlyer EXPRESS also supports an API, so you can use your own applications for content delivery.

    Media formats supported:
  • PowerPoint (.ppt)
    Flash (.swf)
    MPEG 4 (.mp4, .m4v, or .mpg)
    QuickTime® (H.264 .mov)
    Windows® Media (.wmv)
    Ogg (.ogg)
    GIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG still images

    NOTE: The included MediaFlyer EXPRESS player supports one digital signage screen. For additional units for other screens, contact our FREE Tech Support.

    Installation, integration and training available from your digital signage success experts at Tele-Client. 

    MediaFlyer Manual.pdf

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