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Quick Facts

  • Connects a digital signage screen in an iCOMPEL EDS network.
  • Communicates directly or via a TCP/IP network with the iCOMPEL EDS Manager (EDS-M).


    Further Details

  • Plug it in at the screen or use with an HDMI splitter to reach multiple screens.
    Installs easily as you scale your network and geographical diversity.
    Features integrated subscriber software for playing out content.
    Ideal for both multisite networks and ad-based networks.
    Manage from a compatible browser via the iCOMPEL EDS software.
    Supports playing of stored, streaming, and live media.
    Multiple units can be segmented for content distribution.
    Advanced playout reporting and alert reporting features.
    Local “ad hoc” control for updating content at the screen.
    Store-and-forward distribution; doesn’t consume bandwidth.
    Enterprise-grade security with permission manager functions.
    Integrates easily into any Windows® operating environment.
    Multilanguage support for many users in different countries.
    Slim form factor. Great for cramped areas or VESA mounting.
    Supports 802.11b/g wireless Wi-Fi communications.

    Create and manage digital signage content more easily in large, multisite networks with the iCOMPEL™ EDS system from Black Box.

    Featured here is the iCOMPEL EDS Subscriber with Software License. Use it to connect a screen, or install it before an HDMI splitter or extender to split or boost signals to one or more screens in enterprise networks.

    The subscriber plays content compiled and distributed by the system’s separately sold iCOMPEL EDS Manager (EDS-M), a VMware® application for installing on a server or to be hosted in a cloud computing environment.

    One iCOMPEL EDS Manager acts as the server for all your multimedia files, sending media over a network to any number of iCOMPEL EDS Subscribers—even on the other side of the world.

    Scaling to a multichannel network with screens in many geographically isolated sites is simply a matter of adding more iCOMPEL EDS Subscribers to your iCOMPEL EDS configuration.

    What’s more, player operation verification and alert reporting functions ensure smooth 24/7 operation. From a central or remote workstation, you can see how many players are on-line, off-line, and/or in an error state. It can also send e-mail error notifications to a system administrator.

    And for easy global enterprise integration, the platform supports multiple languages: not only English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, but also Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Arabic, Greek, and Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

    You can also give “ad hoc” privileges to remote users right at the screen. This is ideal for welcome screens or meeting room information boards. Even better, you can set limits on which fields remote users can change, so they don’t inadvertently make a mess of your digital presentations.

    The player can also be connected to touchscreens. No extra touch licenses need to be purchased; this support is built in to the platform. In addition, there’s also a Kiosk mode that makes it easy to create interactive menus.

    What’s included:
    • (1) iCOMPEL EDS Subscriber Unit
    • (1) HDMI cable
    • (1) Ethernet patch cable
    • (1) vertical chassis stand
    • (1) VESA mount
    • (1) power supply
    • (1) power cord
    • Quick start guide

    Want to test drive the iCOMPEL EDS system?
    We can set you up with temporary, on-line access to the iCOMPEL EDS Manager portal, as well as provide demo units with a short-term software license. You’ll be able to see how well it works for you before purchasing. Simply contact one of our Digital Signage Success Managers at 518-869-4455. 
    iCompel EDS Video Demo
    iCompel Brochure
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    Toll Free: 877-535-HOLD (4653) Telephone: 518-869-4455 Fax: 518-869-5225