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Why Tele-Client?

Kelly Stevens and Chuck Taylor working in the studioWith our extensive experience in broadcasting and over a decade in the on-hold business, we know what works. We take the time to learn about your business and objectives when developing a custom script. You have control over the approval process every step of the way, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. Because we're a small business, we're more flexible than our larger competitors. Our smaller size means our overhead is lower so we can offer better value and quicker turn times. Since we have virtually no staff turnover, you'll always have consistent voice talent.

Give a listen...

Happy man on telephoneThe buttons will play our audio demos. The .mp3 should play through any installed media player on your computer. The RealAudio button is for those that have the Real Networks plug-in installed.  After the introduction, you'll hear two straight reads which comprise about 85% of the types of productions our clients use. The next clip you'll hear an interview style program featuring our client who is an attorney. The last clip takes place in a hair salon featuring holiday greetings from the staff, a local TV personality endorsement and customer testimonial. Sort of like being a fly on the wall. 

                    MP3 Demo                                                            Real Audio Demo

What's the process like to make a program?

  • First, contact us at 518-869-4455, toll free 877-535-HOLD (4653) or e-mail John:

  • Second, we'll discuss your objectives, learn about your business and what your customers are like.

  • Third, working from those goals along with any materials you have, we'll write a first draft of the script.

  • You'll review with us and we'll make changes. This process continues until you approve the script.

  • Select your preferred voice talent or ask us based on our experience for a recommendation.

  • Select background music theme or we'll make a recommendation.  

  • The approved script and background theme is given to the voice talent to produce the voice tracks. 

  • The voice tracks are mixed with the music score you've selected. 

  • Final program is produced. You are contacted for final approval.

  • Program is installed on playback unit and shipped or installed.

We carry only the best in digital playback equipment with a minimum of a 3 year warranty. If you decide to be an update subscriber, your equipment is warranted as long as you continue to be a subscriber.

Red hold button  Click the hold button to look at the playback equipment choices.

Click on the announcer to take you to our voice talent demos.  

Music note To hear samples from our music library, click the note. We offer 9 different genres and over 200 tracks to choose from.  


If you like what you've heard so far, now take the next step. Give us a call to discuss your needs. In the Capital Region call 869-4455 and outside the 518 area code, call us toll free at 877-535-HOLD (4653). Or, just drop an e-mail to: We'll be happy to discuss all your options and pricing. 


 Snail mail & shipping: 3 Alvina Blvd. Albany, N.Y.  12203

Toll Free: 877-535-HOLD (4653) Telephone: 518-869-4455 Fax: 518-869-5225